Protecting Your Assets

Retail establishments are regrettably among the most frequent targets of criminal activity within the business sector. Recently, retail crime and external theft resulted in a staggering $34.97 billion loss for retailers in the United States. Confronted with the persistent menace of crime and the potential for theft, retail stores need to adopt a proactive approach to security.

Defender One Security recognizes the impact a well-structured loss prevention program can have on reducing criminal activity in retail environments. Our team is equipped to devise a strategy tailored to your business needs, protecting your customers and mitigating financial losses. 

Customized Security Services

At Defender One Security, we acknowledge that each retail store has its own unique characteristics, risk factors, and vulnerabilities. Factors such as store size and the type of merchandise on offer can create challenges in monitoring activities and may increase the appeal for potential thieves, including employees.

Successful loss prevention requires a personalized plan. Our approach begins with a comprehensive threat assessment, aimed at pinpointing your specific areas of risk. Our staff will detect pressing concerns requiring immediate attention and develop a solution that caters to your store’s unique needs. We value your input throughout the process to ensure the most secure outcome possible.

Your business presents unique security concerns that demand specialized attention to reinforce vulnerabilities and bolster overall safety. The following are a few of the most prevalent security areas that typically require closer examination. For more details, please contact our office.

Electronic Guard Tour

Electronic Guard Tour provides real time updates, information and incident reporting to our clients. Additionally, Guard Tour allows our client’s to take control through their client portal, publishing specific tasks for our staff to follow. This system also allows for increased visibility, accountability and management. 

Access Control

Access Control focuses on establishing physical barriers within sensitive areas, such as backrooms storing valuable merchandise like electronics. Implementing secure storage solutions and granting access solely to authorized personnel can prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing these restricted zones.

Foot Patrol

By providing visible security coverage within your store, foot patrols not only foster a sense of safety for your customers but also serve as a deterrent against potential shoplifting and other criminal activities that could negatively impact your business. Our security guards consistently display the utmost professionalism and friendliness, reflecting the high standards of your own employees.

Vehicle Patrol

Conducting regular vehicle patrols throughout your parking lot ensures customer safety as they arrive and depart from your store while also minimizing the risk of external theft or other criminal incidents.

Loss Prevention

A crucial aspect of security includes a tailored loss prevention strategy. This may include implementing electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems, deploying covert security personnel to identify and apprehend shoplifters, or utilize data analytics to pinpoint high-risk areas and inventory shrinkage patterns. By adopting a comprehensive loss prevention approach, store owners can significantly mitigate financial losses and enhance overall security.

Security Solutions You Can Count On

Our team of highly trained security professionals stands ready to assist in developing a security strategy tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact us today at 443-834-6697 to schedule a consultation.

Cynthia Cox

Human Resources Manager

With 21 years of management experience across various industries, including staffing, transportation, small business ownership, accounting, and operations, Cynthia brings a wealth of knowledge and a robust skill set to Defender One. Her diversified background has equipped her with a keen understanding of multiple business domains, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

Matthew Goodman

Assistant Director of Operations
Matt currently serves as Defender One’s Assistant Director of Operations. Matt is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Defender One and works closely with the Director of Operations & Training to implement goals and objectives for the company. As a nationally certified School Resource Officer and Force Science Analyst, Matt brings an interpersonal and holistic approach to the industry. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from York College. Outside of work, Matt is an avid outdoorsmen, spending time perfecting his landscaping skills. Matt also enjoys quality time with his wife Ashley, and two cats, Ollie and Leo, as well as watching the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens.

Jennifer Krieger

Director of Human Resources
Jen currently serves as Defender One’s Director of Human Resources, managing our HR and back end finance teams. Jen has 30 years of experience in healthcare benefits administration, retirement benefits, financial planning and human resources. Jen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Maryland, College Park and a Master’s Degree in Finance from Loyola University. Jen prioritizes an employee focused and driven company, with an emphasis on client and employee satisfaction. Outside of work, Jen enjoys running, watching her daughter play Division 1 Lacrosse, and playing with her grand-dogs.

Jared Krieger

Director of Operations & Training
Jared currently serves as the Director of Operations & Training at Defender One. In this role, Jared is responsible for the overall operations and training of Defender One and its staff. Jared currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security & Counterterrorism. Jared is board certified in Security Management and Board certified as a Physical Security Processional by the American Society of Industrial Security. Jared is also an accredited Law Enforcement instructor in the following disciplines: Firearms, OC Spray, Expandable Baton, Handcuff, Taser, Defensive Tactics, and Force Science Analytics. Outside of work, Jared enjoys traveling and spending time with his girlfriend and three dogs.

Jon Krieger

Jon is the President and Founder of Defender One. Jon started Defender One in 2009, with the goal of bridging the gap between conventional security guards and law enforcement. Jon had a long and distinguished career in a large metropolitan police department for over 30 years, holding supervisory positions in several units, including patrol, internal affairs, traffic and community outreach. Jon has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland, College Park. Outside of work, Jon spends his time spoiling his grand-dogs Fred and Barney, supporting the Ravens and Orioles, and watching his daughter play Division 1 Lacrosse.